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Well, finally had a chance today to fly this little autogyro. Despite all my doubts, things went fairly well! I mostly used rudder, making shallow turns. Toward the end of the flight, I cautiously used aileron (head tilt) to try and get a feel for it. You were right Charlie, very manageable. I flew with the 6mm thick rotors (3-bladed hub) and it seemed to do fine. I did notice some coning, but am sure the 3mm blades would flex more. Another thing I noticed was it didn't seem to pick up much speed between half and full throttle. Maybe the thicker blades are creating more drag. A second attempt ended by trying to pull it off the ground with insufficient rotor speed. After some minor repairs and a couple of mods she'll be ready to go again. Will build a 3-bladed hub using 3mm blade stock and see if it makes much difference. Can't wait to get some more stick time with this neat little autogyro!
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