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No steerable drive on this old boat. The motor was from an old off-raod RC car and the RC gear was salvaged from an old Tamtech car. I used the output of the Tamtech motor drive to run 3x low resistance FETs. This all works fine. The boat turns almost in its own length at very low speeds but at anything near full speed it is very reluctant to turn even slightly - virtually a straight line drag boat.
I suspect with light rudder the back of the boat is being lifted rather than turned and then the side of the boat digs in and it flips.
Given its age and its humble origins it is probably time I upgraded but it was quite fast and many of the "Happy Duck" boats look like they're dragging anchors and just frothing the water.

I'm impressed with the boat in the video but will resist going brushless just yet and will try the new boat stock standard before plotting any upgrades.
I've never used a steerable drive before and hope that the electronics are fairly standard if I want to move from 7.2V NiMH to 11.1V LiPos. This I can cope with fine but some of the differential drive boats would be hard to upgrade I suspect.
Water cooling (or lack of) well noted.

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