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Hoverthings quad flipping and crashing randomly?

For some reason while flying my quadcopter (DJI Naza Witespy/Hoverthings) it will wildy tip over and fall out of the air and crash.

It doesn't do this in auto pilot/atti mode, but in manual mode. I have good control of the quad, so I know its not my input that is causing the quad to almost flip and crash.

Its like for some reason one of the the motors stops or something and it just tips over in the air and crashes.

It will just be gliding and and I'll be moving it forward, backward, then using rudder to do a bit of nose forward flight then the buzzing propellors will go VRRRRRR and thats when I see it tip over and just crash into the ground.

I have expo on -30 to -40 on rudder, so it can rotate faster so I can orient it quicky. I dont like slow rudder control. Other than that, everything else was standard settings no expo.

Do you think that could be causing issues?

What can I do to trouble shoot this problem?

It feels as if the flight control is malfunctioning during flight and causing the motors to mess up, but I'm a noob so I don't know for sure. I just know its done this 3 times. This last time is when I realized it wasn't me causing it. Cuz I can fly my blade MQX like a semi-pro now but when I fly my Witespy it falls out of the air
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