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CT6B with V911

The FS-CT6B transmitter is a cheap way (about $35) to try something other than the V911 stock transmitter.

On place has pre-order for $27 (Stock: -1017) buy Mode 1 or Mode 2 versions. "4-Model Memory" actually means "4 Mode Memory" as in Modes 1,2,3,4 selectable. No "Integrated timer". No "Contrast Adjustment" - no contrast to adjust.

It does not have Rudder Expo.

It does not have digital trim tabs. But the manual trims can be set instantly without delay and without looking at the transmitter.

This transmitter requires a PC to modify any of the channel variables, including mixing and servo reversing.

It takes eight AA cells. But may have more output power than the stock V911 transmitter.

No model memory. With a computer, you can save and load model types quickly.

On the good side, you can actually buy FS-CT6B transmitters and they are easy to program with little knowledge about how to do it. You can also fly the V911 to see what changes do while programming.

Posted here are my latest settings for the V911 and I am starting to like this FS-CT6B with the V911.

Rudder is set for about 50% of stock. Smooth rudder control that works well with the crazy way that I fly (wind surfing).

The two knobs control Elevation and Throttle starting points anywhere in the full range.

I set Throttle knob to just below where the motors start. This gives maximum control with the stick.

I set Elevation knob for hands off forward motion. This allows flying in a wind using only Throttle and Rudder (left thumb). Even circle back using only left thumb. When wind speed changes, use Elevation stick to track wind speed, or re-adjust Elevation Knob.

Elevation knob allows a hands-off hover by pointing the nose into the wind. Almost as simple as a hands-off hover in my bedroom. What I fear most is the wind catching the V911 and taking it up, up, and away - - doesn't happen now because by default the V911 keeps a nose down attitude and releasing the right stick holds that attitude.

FS-CT6B transmitter description - "Out of stock" so look elsewhere

FS-CT6B transmitter low voltage shut-off = 7.00 volts (8x 1.5v = 12v alkaline cells)
FS-CT6B transmitter measured 170ma at 10.04v battery power. 8x NiMh 2200mah LSD cells
V911 transmitter measured 70ma at 7.5v battery power 6x NiMh 2200mah LSD cells
.$2.00 program called "Digital Radio" is what I posted settings from.
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