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Originally Posted by jasmine2501 View Post
The guy is like, a hundred years old. Many of his settings are borderline wrong, and mostly, he seems to prefer things wicked mushy, crippled to the point of barely flying. I admire all the work he does to keep people informed and provide a great resource, but I don't agree with very much of his specific advice concerning settings and setup. Crippling the helicopter does not make it fly better...
Good post. These days there seems to be a tendency to dumb things down to the point that there is marginal control. People seem to forget that at least with the mQX, the settings do not affect the way the airframe flies at all. They just affect what the pilot has to do to make the airframe react. Setting lots of expo or reducing the "rates" just means that you have to move the sticks more to get the same reaction. In the process, you also lose the ability to react to extreme upsets.

I have helped several people lately who had (IMO) excessive expo and/or rates that were too low. When I programmed more appropriate (again, IMO) settings (and warned them to expect it to be more lively), they reported that they liked it a lot better and felt much more in control.

I have also handed my transmitter to several people with no heli or mQX experience at all and they were able keep it under control. My rates are set at 150%, with maybe 20-30 percent expo. The only coaching that was required was (sometimes) to remind them to use smaller stick movements... and off they went. I handed it to a robotics professor a couple weeks ago who had never flown an RC aircraft of any sort, and was amazed when he flew it quite successfully. Still with my rates at 150%.

My experience has been that people seem to adjust to the amount of stick movement required fairly quickly. It takes longer to adjust to control delay like you find with the DX4e.

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