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Great news!!

If you do need more oomph consider using ST1 with the same PIT curve but up the throttle to 70, 70, 80, 90, 100.
(And ST2 with that THRO curve but increase the Mid, 75 & Top pitch points and drop the bottom two by 2.5 and 5 points so you can kill an overly aggressive ascent).

I have a table of my curves somewhere already posted in this thread.
I do think learning to fly in ST1 with a THRO curve that doesn't go to zero and using THOLD is a good idea. Just make sure you THOLD PIT curve isn't linear from MIN to MAX otherwise you'll have a nasty shock first time you flick it in!
Also use monitor to make sure your bottom throttle in NORM and your THOLD values are the same or the ESC may recalibrate and when you switch back to NORM it'll spool up unexpectedly.
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