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Originally Posted by Strongbow View Post
You obviously ignored the part of my post where I stated by belief that Horizon's customer service is second to none. On this issue I couldnt agree more. But, come on now, you dont really believe Parkzone makes these things in Illinois do you? They go to the same places in Asia that alot of other companies go to, to get there products manufactured. You should know this.
Parkzone is run by some pretty smart people and they know their loyal customers will more for a product with their stamp on it. And, in some cases, so will I.
Originally Posted by stvinvegas View Post
To Compare HH products to other Vendors is just utterly ridiculous.

Please let me continue to pay the HH/PZ pricing structure. That way I will get a quality plane, manual, support and parts. The others, BH, HK, Nitroplanes, etc. fail in several of these areas.

Anyone who has spent anytime building and flying both sides of this argument knows. 90% of the time get:

foam deformed
NO Customer service
If you get a manual at all, it most likely will have the wrong CG
Bent pust rods.
The list goes on and on.

I get that HH / PZ / Eflite stuff comes from china, but the differnce is HH doesn't accept the crap the chinese factories try to push off on them. Why do you think there has been such a long delay on the F4.
Another point to remember is HH products are engineered in Illinois. And must meet their much higher standards.
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