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The Walkera 120 CP line is very popular and essentially has the market cornered. No reason for Blade not to fire back with some competition. I'm also digging the size. I love my Genius CP, but I fly in a 2 court gym and it gets very small very quickly. Learning 3D on something so small presents it's own challenges. A 120/130 size heli is much more visible. I'm also limited to 6oz where I fly, anything much bigger than this is to heavy. The Walkera 120s have shown that a shaft tail can work very well in this size, so you don't have another motor to burn out. It seems that all the sub micros with tail motors always need some sort of tail upgrade, whether it's a stronger motor, extended boom, whatever. A driven tail doesn't have that problem. If this heli is as durable as the MCPx and 120SR, and the V120D02S, it'll probably be worth every penny.
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