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I just think that Blade, or HH, or E-flite, or whatever, has missed on the pricepoint.

The value for dollar (taking out any emotion, or what it will mean to one person) is just not there.
I completely agree - I'd happily spend $50 for a brushless conversion for my mCP-X, but 100 seems a bit much, especially for a heli that will probably break more often.

However, what I think doesn't really matter. Almost every new model is priced high because there's a group of people who really want it and can afford it (and are willing to put up with teething problems and poor spares support for the first few months). After a year or so the competitors appear and price comes down and those who felt it was too expensive buy theirs. Horizon have extracted the maximum profit from the first batch AND the second batch AND they've minimised the supply problems that would have occured if both groups of people had wanted to buy the heli on day 1 (and spares on day 2)

I was in that first group for the mCP-X (I got the first one in our LHS, a few months before there was enough stock for the shop owner to have his own!) and don't really care that the current version is significantly better and a bit cheaper, because I've had a lot of fun with it over the last year.

It may not appeal to everyone but to some, certainly.
You're right. We were all spoilt by the mCP-X which was completely revolutionary (both a micro CP that actually worked AND a CP that could survive a crash; two previously impossible abilities). The 130x, 300x and 500x are just evolutionary improvements when we were hoping for something magical.
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