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Originally Posted by mescalinedream View Post
... if I had a chance to do it over then I would of used a razor blade out of a disposable shaver. Those are the thinnest blades available.
Are you trying to describe one of the blades on this disposable shaver:


this type of "old-school" disposable blade:

BTW, a got 3 free single edged utility blades that measure 0.25 mm thick. I'm guessing the blades in my disposable razor cartridge are much thinner; however, they might to too thin/flexible to cut the Servo's Arm, and instead will only cut my fingers. I'm having the same thoughts about the old-school double edged razor blades.

Originally Posted by mescalinedream View Post
I use heat shrink on my servo saver, the size slides right over easily. I cut out a square so the arm portion fits into the heat shrink. I haven't had the servo arms move on extreme flights, even crashed a bunch yesterday inverted.
I'm might be confused on the part I bold faced also. Square? From what I remember reading, and seeing over the last few months, I thought the intent was to cut the "round" part (the part that the screw goes through) of the Servo Arm, then re-enforce the "round" part with something else round but will stretch loose (like: O-ring, tubing, heatshrink, etc.) before stripping a gear.

Someone earlier mentioned having some success with using the Mini's Dampener (Feathering Shaft O-ring) as an O-ring for the mod. And there was at least one post where someone described using a flexible washer under the Servo Arm screw to help keep and adjust for the correct amount of "squeeze". As usual, I'll probably try to scavenge something free before I give up and purchase a box of 100 O-rings from OringsAndMore. I already have an assortment of different diameter heatshrink. If I can't find something at home with the correct diameter and having the correct amount of elasticity, probably the Auto parts store will chuckle when I ask them for 1/4 inch of tubing.

As I posted earlier, I enjoy things more when they're free. Except for the virus I got recently!
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