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Originally Posted by Robert Stinson View Post
I work in a hobby store, and I fully support Parkzone, and other Horizon Hobby lines. Here's why: There is a customer support line where you actually receive support. I can't count the times we've referred customers to them, to hear later that CS sent them replacements free of cost. I bought a Trojan (my fourth!) and it had a dead servo out of the box. I called, and received a replacement in 2 days, no questions asked.

HH still carries replacement parts for their discontinued planes, including the Habu 1. On the other side, I broke a prop on an Asian B-17. Although it is still being sold, replacements were NEVER available. I ultimately found a substitute.

I also buy Asian products, but I know that if a part is broken, I'm either on my own, or in for a long drawn out replacement process, which will undoubtedly cost me money. Basically, the Asian web stores are just warehouses with cardboard boxes, from which you place your order and the appropriate box is routed to you.

Also, frankly, much of the Asian products are of lower quality, or cruder engineering. Just compare the fittings on the recent Pkz Hurricane with a BH or NP offering. The engineering costs are not free.

You can go for lowest cost, or best service, but expecting both will disappoint you.

Me? I'm buying the bare airframe and moving the guts from my Habu 1 into the 2. Can't wait!
You obviously ignored the part of my post where I stated by belief that Horizon's customer service is second to none. On this issue I couldnt agree more. But, come on now, you dont really believe Parkzone makes these things in Illinois do you? They go to the same places in Asia that alot of other companies go to, to get there products manufactured. You should know this.
Parkzone is run by some pretty smart people and they know their loyal customers will more for a product with their stamp on it. And, in some cases, so will I.
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