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Hi Wyatt, I have used flat non-airfoiled blades on all my successful gyrocopters, R/C, free-flight, and control-line. The airfoil is not that important on models under 2 lbs. This model floats nicely with the flat blades, especially at 40" rotor span. You may want to use a 8 x 4.3 Slow Fly with the 3S. I was flying my 1380KV Park 300 on a 3S battery with an 8 x 4.3 prop, and decided to try a 9 x 4.7. Within two minutes the motor burned out. It operated fairly hot but reasonable with the smaller prop. This is my first real electric project, and I am amazed how fast the burnout occured. My flights this morning were a success. The Park 340 barely got warm after a five minute flight using the 8 x 4.3 GWS Slow Fly. The 3-channel control is working great. There is a slight tendency to fall out of a right-hand turn if sufficient up-elevator is not used. Very manageable. I have no rotor side tilt on this model, and a small amount of right thrust or right rudder trim will easily compensate for the motor torque. This is a fun model, easy to build and flies great. I highly recommend this model. The 6mm hub plates give more support to the rotor bearing, and the extra weight is negligible. I am having fun !!! Charlie
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