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I broke the tail today where it enters the fuse. I had bought a whole genius tail awhile back and installed it. The old mini boom/tail is 133mm, the genius boom/tail is 135mm from the tip of the carbon fiber to the end of the motor housing. Has anyone just swapped them and the tail behaved normal? Or should i trim down the genius boom a little?

I went through 16 packs today at the park. I am doing good on the flips but inverted is a bit hard to find the sweet spot on the throttle/pitch. The heli inverted either wants to go up or down. I loosened the throttle indent metal strip to make the throttle real loose. I am wondering if that is a bad idea. I like it but its hard to find the middle ground when hovering inverted. Usually when the bateries start to lose their kick I can hover inverted for longer without the heli going sky high. I need to lower the throttle curve now that I think about it. I am running a 9t pinion on the c05 . I lost my 7t yesterday.

I am also getting a bad vibration as in the whole heli shakes after I flip it from inverted back to normal. After about 1 second after I flip it back to normal the heli shakes. I did crash a whole lot today, broke the other pin off the front of the landing gear(i had the other front missing for awhile now, broke the tail, smashed the canopy to bits. The bad vibration goes away after 2 seconds. Its very strange. Hopefully the new tail will fix that? I am also going to go through everything to make sure nothing is bent or loose.

EDIT: I seem to have fixed the crazy vibration. When I was at the park I messed with the RX pot/screw and had the flat part at 4/5 oclock. i just put it 7/8 and the weird shake is gone. The tail seems to be holding fine too with the longer genius tail. i still want someone to chime in about it though
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