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I like the idea of a magnet instead of a ball on the swashplate , a rare earth one. A crash would pop it right off.

I812 , my servo saver job went well on 2 servos, 1 is really loose. There is a factory mold line on the servo arm already that can be used as a guide. I know that if I had a chance to do it over then I would of used a razor blade out of a disposable shaver. Those are the thinnest blades available. I use heat shrink on my servo saver, the size slides right over easily. I cut out a square so the arm portion fits into the heat shrink. I haven't had the servo arms move on extreme flights, even crashed a bunch yesterday inverted.

I would do the mod before the gear under the brass thing inside the servo eats a tooth. Its almost non-replaceable. I stripped my servo gears before the mod just from flying in the house. That was with low head speed. All it takes is one little crash and it's possible.

My problem was that I went back over the cut I made into the servo arm. I thought it was too tight. My other two servo arms have to be pushed hard before they click back into place. The easy one just needs to be barely touched. I honestly cannot believe it holds up.
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