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All this new discussion about Servo's. I haven't done the Servo Saver Mod yet, but am this >< close to doing it. I thought everyone that's done the mod is 100% . Has/does anyone have problems with the Servo Saver Mod? It sound like the cheapest easiest thing to do, as long as it doesn't slip while doing extreme maneuvers. If so, it should be easy to see if it slipped after landing: just look to see if the Servo's Arm is still within a tooth of being at 90* @ 0* Pitch.

It's been said many times before, the weakest link always breaks.

IMO, the best design is the one that intentionally chooses to use an inexpensive easy to re-adjust/replace sacrificial "Jesus" part, to help save all the other more expensive and/or more difficult to readjust/replace parts.

The $16 Servo is the second most expensive part on the Mini, and is one of the most commonly damaged stock parts! That and the Tail Assy are my Mini's weak links. I can live with weak Tail Boom and Fin because they are inexpensive and easy to replace (once the Tail Motor wires are wrapped around the outside of the Boom). BTW, my Tail Boom split lengthwise, and after CA'ing it, I'm still flying with the original Boom; however, I often find it slid out from the Main Frame, but that might be why the Boom hasn't broken anymore, because it slides out now rather than flex's?

Except for the Servo, the Mini is the most durable yet most capable heli I've owned (mCX, mSR, and most of the 120 and smaller Walkera FP's). I plan on doing the Servo Saver mod, but I'm waiting for someone to give me a "thin" Blade. Yeah, I'm cheap! I don't mind spending big $ on stuff I plan on using, but avoid trying to even spend a cent on one time use stuff. The things I enjoy most in life are the free stuff: sun (well, not the TX sun in the summer - I need to move to someplace cooler in the summer, but warmer in the winter), wind, ocean, plants, wildlife, science.
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