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Some other things to consider if you haven't completed these steps yet:

1. When cutting out the cowl halves, don't cut for a butt joint, leave about a 1/8" overlap to make gluing the two halves together much easier.

2. Don't use the screw to hold the center struts to the fuse. Instead run sticks all the way thru and use a rubber band to hold the struts in place.

3. The GWS glue is contact cement and has to be applied to both surfaces and allowed to dry before sticking the parts together. Use caution, once they are stuck they won't come apart.

4. Don't use the double stick tape on either wing. Glue the top wing valleys with epoxy or ProBond. Glue the bottom wing doubler on with GWS contact cement.

5. Instead of just creasing the rudder and elevator cut them apart, sand a bevel and hinge with scotch tape.

6. Secure the motor to the stick by drilling a tiny hole thru the plastic and into the wood and using a spare servo screw.

7. Reinforce the landing gear channels in the fuse. (the weakest spot in the whole airplane) You can use plastic tube, carbon fiber tube, tape, epoxy, ect. If you need to narrow the gear bending a vee in the top wire works well.

8. Instead of sticking the servos to the side with double stick tape wrap them with masking tape and epoxy them to the sides of the fuse.

9. Cut out the battery compartment to fit the batteries you plan to use. Also cut away the bottom of the cowl where it covers the battery compartment. Optional is cutting away the firewall at the front end of the battery compartment to help with cooling.

Hope these help.

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