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Originally Posted by Manta1 View Post
Gary, let me jnow how you like that esc man. Ive been wanting to try one and may in this spare 50 cc slick i have when i get finished repairing it. Been thinking about swapping over to those escs.
Originally Posted by -= GYRO =- View Post
I will! If it works anything like their 60a or 70a (which I have) it'll be a pain in the butt to program without the card, but will work perfectly!
Originally Posted by SteveTtoooo View Post
This guy didn't like his, but he was running a big prop....

Steve, your experiences with your Ice 2 HV160 have me scared. I was going to put one of those in the 89" Slick I'm repairing. I currently have an 87" SHP that is flying on an HV110, but have another ice 2 HV160 coming back from Castle someday that was a warranty update and was planning on sticking that in the 87" SHP. But now I'm scared of them.
I suppose I could find another HV110, but really with the Motrolfly 50cc sized motor coming out sometime soonish I've been wanting to get a 120 amp or more ESC to plan for that. I'm sure it will pull more watts than the Hacker A60-18L I have now.
I saw that other guy didn't like his with the 25" prop, wonder if a 24" prop would be ok? I'm hoping with the new Motrolfly motor to get down to a 23" range prop and have a slightly higher kv than the A60-18L.
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