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I did it, I finally flipped my mini. I crashed a lot but I managed to flip and went inverted for a few seconds at a time. I flew about 10 packs until I lost my 7t pinion off my c05. I just got home and stuck the 9t pinion off my old dead genius motor and made it snow in the house. I bumped the throttle and the heli hit the ceiling and rained stucco everywhere. I didnt think this c05 had the power it has now. WOW , I am impressed. I dont know how long the batteries will last though. I am still using the genius main gear too. I dont need all of this headspeed so I am going to try and get it down by lowering the throttle curve.

I cant believe people need more power then the c05 with a 9t pinion. I hear the hp05 has tons of power but this little co5 is nuts. I am using zippy 350mah 20c too.

Thank god for the toughness of the mini, I crashed so many times at the field, picked it up reset the servo's and off I went. By the last two packs I was flipping without crashing. The inverted though was a problem. I can fly inverted on the sim but not that good. The mini is just as stable inverted as it is upright, that amazed me. I thought the heli would go all crazy upside down but it just sat there.

Itsmillertime, I had a thought. if the tail is blowing out, maybe its because of a power issue. All the power is getting sucked up by the servos on extreme moves and the motor. The tail has the longest wires on the heli, maybe it needs a capacitor. A capacitor just stores energy until something needs it. Maybe when the tail blows out it just needed more power. A capacitor would do that. its worth a shot.
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