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Needs to do 52 legs !!
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Well it is the one F3B plane with a big enough fuselage. Just a shame about the high price tag. Maybe somebody else will follow the trend and give us a cheaper option?

Incase somebody didn't realise yet, 3 Kg is not very heavy for a plane this size. The wingloading is far lower then what we fly with on our F5B's.

Typical F5B total area = 27 dm^2
Typcial F5B RTF weight = 1650 grams
Resulting wing loading = 61 grams/dm^2

Typical F3B total area = 60 dm^2
Flying weight = 3000 grams
Resulting wing loading = 50 grams/dm^2

You would need about 3660 grams to get to a typical F5B wing loading. And that is modern day F5B, in the past it was always 75 grams/dm^2 !!
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