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hi all,

many thanks to edi for a very nice sunday practise in lostallo. knowing him "only" from the net it was was our first time to meet personally.

as i have posted many times, i restarted biking last summer and did some developments for the sb-5 bike and alot testing on my track near cologne.

the videos we posted forced some people to lift me up to a world champion level and suggested me to be the new challenge to beat.
i myself have never been able to judge on my own performance as i did not have a precise comparison.................. i have it and it is very clear that those suggestions have been completly wrong.

there is still alot to learn and develop to reach that high level edi and his jabber are operating on.

anyway that was never my goal to be world champion but i would like to offer nice products to the people which help then to enjoy their hobby and make them go faster.

the roadies bike tyres edi is reporting of will be availlable soon and as he has allready said, we will open our database to make it easy for any interessted bike manufacturer to adopt the tyres to their bike, if they wish to do so.

it was also a pleasure for me to have the chance and drive edis` jabber bike and find out why he is so damm quick. i was not really doing competitive laptimes with his bike, as i prefer a different style of servo/fork connection but still it was representative enough for me to find out the secret of the jabber..........

............and the secret is...............the same as in any goes quicker through the corners.

so guys, i am afraid i will be offline for some couple of days as my f1 business forces me to work a bit ( that bloddy work seeses al the fun in live ) but i`ll be back with some more info about our bike tyres next week and if edi gives me permission, i will refer a bit more about his bike.
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