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Genius Orange Canopy

Originally Posted by nac View Post
... I have been struggling with visibility, as it is all black! Might print me out some nice bright flouro paper canopies.
Someone earlier in the thread posted about the Genius Orange Canopy being easier to see, so I ordered it, received it, installed it, and agree it is much easier to see against a dark background.

My first original Canopy has about 5 cracks, all running from its bottom edge towards the nose. The entire bottom is scotch taped now, and it hasn't gotten worse, but it might be because I'm flying better now?

The new orange Canopy hasn't really been crashed but I saw about 1/4-inch crack started on the bottom edge, so I applied a strip of Scotch Tape all along the bottom edge, hoping it will stop all future cracks from starting.

I've always disliked the original dark Canopy indoors because the wall I face when flying is full off books, many of them dark, so it's been difficult for me to get a good visual on the dark Canopy and kind of have to fly using "past" bearings, but outdoors against the clear blue sky the dark Canopy is very easy to see and get a heading, so I'm glad to have both now.

I haven't tried the Orange Canopy outside, maybe it works well there too?
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