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I also have a cheaper option, the regular Wicked 4000KV which is for $30 (not as cheap as HK but you will have it in a few days) and will be fine on 4S in the stock fan and it will be about 600 watts on 4S. The 4400KV I sell will most likely make the stock fan rotor fail as the motor is kind of too powerful for the stock fan. Even though the stock motor is like 4300KV it is a physically smaller motor than the regular 4000KV I sell so even with the slightly low KV of 4000 you still get the power as not so much is wasted to heat generation instead it is turned in to rpm which is what matters. The only thing I believe you will need to do is remove the four splines in the stock EDF housing to get the standoff adapter to fit into it. I do that with a Dremel tool and it takes a few second to grind them off.

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