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I cant for the life of me understand why everyones tail blows out with the mini. It doesnt make sense. Tons of people say the tail is great, me included, others report its awful. It is either a bad tail, or gyro or it all has to do with settings. I am thinking it has to do with settings. We all have model memory with the devo, make a new model with completely different settings. use Manny's settings, Tom Z settings, anything that is much different then your own. Make sure your travel adjust is different then your own and pitch curves. See if that helps the tail
Also, make sure your mainshaft collar is tight, make sure the gear is tight, make sure there is no up and down play on the rotor.
Make sure your blades are flat at 50 percent throttle. If you do not know how to do that then look it up. You have to turn servo hold on along with the throttle hold. Or just unplug the motor. I think I had read someone say "to check the blades you need to turn the heli off and move the servos etc. No , that is not the way.The heli needs to be on to check 50% throttle blades at 0 degrees. MAke sure the flat part of the mini's rx is not facing 6/7 oclock, that is pretty extreme unless you want it that way. I like mine 8/9 o'clock.
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