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I would sell you the double brushless tail and double esc but the thing is real touchy and I felt it was a miracle that I actually got the thing running. The brushless tail had 1 wire broken in the package that I had to solder. The dual esc had to be pluged in about 5 times before it worked. I know it sounds like a good upgrade but it's heavy and not worth it.

I now know why Bob was unloading them onto people for free. He was probably getting complaints.

Itsmillertime, did you see the post I had made about screw on the rx and what it does? I remember you had said that you fiddled with it, you may want to readjust that screw with the settings I had posted. It may help with your flying. If you want a real loose/quick heli make the flat part of the screw point at 6 o'clock . I fly mine pointing to seven.

One more thing to consider, go to nanoheli and find their minicp further down the first page. They use a green capped version of a brushed tail motor. They have reported that the tail does not blow out at all with it. I had also read on a Chinese site that the use of the wasp 100 tail motor works great. I didn't look up the motor though.

Nanoheli is also using a mcpx tail holder for that motor with the mini.
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