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Maidened my second Citation this morning and was very pleased to find that it flew just as nice as my first one (may it RIP).

I made a rearward extension on the battery compartment and moved the standard sized 2200 3s about 1.25 inches back. CG now at 57mm back from LE of the wing. No dead weight required as this rearward shift offset the additional weight of the nose wheel retract assembly.

Tip: you can put the control rod on the left side of the elevator in the second hole on the elevator horn and the one on the right side in the outer hole. This will almost exactly offset the travel imbalance of the rods due to their placement in different holes on the servo horn. Also, mount the control horn on the rudder about 1/8 in below the provided indentation. This will prevent it from binding against the adjacent elevator horn.

AUW of 2 lb 11.5 oz is about 3.5 oz heavier than my first plane which had fixed gears.
Power draw of about 38a and 440 watts is about the same.

It's sure no speed demon - but it flys so nicely! Tracks like it was on rails, feels very stable and has predictable and consistent response to control input. Just about the only jet I've owned that could be considered relaxing to fly.

I may "spice it up" a bit with 4s a little later but right now I'll just enjoy it as is.

It really puts a grin on my face to do a slow spool up and a long takeoff roll then pull the gear up immediately after liftoff. It looks so realistic it's spooky!
dbc is online now Find More Posts by dbc
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