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Bah, after doing bench tests with everything I have found out my display totally chops off half of the bottom line of info of my hornet osd... That really sucks because mah used, and home distance are going to be a pain to tell easily... I am sure it's my display to blame... Actually I should hook it up to my ezcap and see how it looks on there...

Assuming weather is OK tomorrow I am going to do an FPV flight which I will record. Will be first FPV flight since crash a month ago, as well as first flight with OSD, and first with camera pan . I have no intention of going much farther then 1500 ft ground distance, and only over open land :P. I think my vibes are still too high for AP to work properly, though I will do a test flight before my FPV flight to see how well it will behave. From what I have noticed thus far with my AP tests is that RTH will probably work fine as long as throttle is fairly low and will more then likely either gain or loose altitude slightly, or bank a little too much, but still would come back towards me enough to regain control, hopefully... but I don't plan to test that tomorrow anyway :P.

At either rate too I should have my 1 watt 2.4Ghz booster in a day or two which should really boost my range.
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