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My unit arrived a couple of days ago and although I've yet to have an opportunity to do much with it, other than simply check it fundamentally 'works' (which it does), I thought I'd quickly post a few new photos. I intend to provide much more feedback soon, so this is just a 'first impression' post.

What's immediately obvious though is that unlike many products designed for the FPV market, this one has a real commercial/professional feel to it, opposed to an all-too-often 'shrink wrapped' home-brew feel. The electronics are fully potted in a custom machined-aluminium housing, keeping them away from prying eyes and tampering fingers, while at the same time awarding it an industrial 'monolithic' feel. There are no screws to undo here. It's really nice!

In essence, what I see this unit 'bringing to the party' is...
  • The ability to make any UHF TX system compatible with any radio i.e. it eliminates the "How do I connect my Spektrum/Futaba/Hitec radio to my EzUHF/DragonLink/TSLRS etc". With this unit, gone too is the potential requirement to unscrew the back from your radio and hunt down that elusive PPM single.

  • It enables you to place your UHF TX in the best location possible for your surroundings (i.e. high up and/or away from local obstructions) to ensure its optimum performance.

  • In enables you to put serious distance between your UHF TX and your sensitive video RX equipment.

  • It enables you to use multiple radios to control different aspects of the same aircraft (e.g. one for the pilot and another for the camera person).
As mentioned before, I will measure with a digital scope and report back any latency this unit adds, but from a very quick and superficial test, I wouldn't say I perceived any real increase in lag when putting this unit in-line with my UHF TX, compared with when it's not there. I wouldn't say this was the case however when comparing the standard Futaba FAAST 2.4 GHz TX/RX to the UHF TX/RX. That said, I will accurately quantify any lag very soon.

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