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Haven't posted in a LONG time!

So it's been a year since I posted to my blog and I'm trying to keep this update for me more than anything. My last post mentioned the SkyBoy which ironically I just completed and maidened this weekend. It took a backseat to the TREX 450 and 3DHS 48" Edge for quite a while but I was looking for a lazy flyer that I could take with me to supplement the on edge (no pun intended) 3D flights. Second flight on it's maiden day and I had no ground control on landing and swerved into a curb, destroying the firewall. I'm sure it's repairable --- but I gotta be honest, I'm not looking forward to it after just getting it airworthy.

Also picked up a 38" EPP Slick from 3DHS over the fall/winter months to practice here in the neighborhood. I have since outfitted it with LEDs for night flying as well. Here are some pics of it at night:

But I've been spending as much time as I can (which isn't much with my work and family schedule) with the 3DHS 48" Edge 540. I love this plane! It literally does everything that I could want a plane to do. I can circle fly with it if I want but I can also hover it, do high speed KE passes, KE spins, blenders, etc. What a blast to fly and it looks amazing to boot. To spice it up a little I cut some custom vinyl for it. Here's how she looks now:

Also since my last post I have been teaching my neighbor how to fly. He approached me one day when I was flying the CAP 232 in the neighborhood. Now - less than a year later he has a hangar of 4 planes - Radian, Super Cub, Trojan T-28 and Extra 300. He's solid on flying the Radian and Super Cub but we're still training on the T-28 in hopes of working up to the Extra by the end of the summer. It's a blast to have someone close by to go flying with.

Flying season is in full swing.. I'll try to take the camera and make some more regular posts!
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