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Spent a lot of hours on the kit today.
Wing tip reinforcment is done - I glued two layers for the provided fiber cloth - balance is perfect.

Tail is all really for installing the hornes - Nathan your advice to build the tail before
the boom conection to the pod is genius! I get it now that I have the kit, its much easier.

Ailerons hinged and the servos mounted in place and covered.

And the wing conected to the pod.

Things I have left to do is placing the servos in the pod (I have got a nice Balse block for the job - but suggestions would be appreciated), cuting the boom to ~590mm - its still ~620mm.

The interesting thing is this:
I placed all the electronics components (without the servos balsa mounting block) inside the pod, and the pushrods system with the tubes just to check the CG and its about 80mm behinde the front of the wing (dont know the term for it).

Looks like I wont have to add any additional weight for balancing.

Pictures tommorow =]
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