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Originally Posted by markus123456 View Post
As oposed to quix-fz opinion, the antennas make a big difference, but the range you get is catastropic. Asuming you use a 200mW sky-rf setup, you should get 3km for sure with the antennas unless you fly above some very very RF noisy area. Even there you would get way more than 300 - 500 meters. So something must be fundamentially wrong.

The 5.8Ghz setups usually are pretty roubust in terms of other components radiating in or harmonics even thoug this still could be. Are you sure what you observe is not based on an unfiltered noisy power train? Do you use the stock transmitter, or are you useing a HF module alone with some sort of power source? Did you made ground range tests without motor running? How about posting a video?

Power train? Mine's completely unfiltered and as simple as it gets. I have the F450 frame with the built-in power distribution board, that supplies power to all motors. I also have a JST connector on one pad and that feeds power to the video setup. So one battery is used for everything. I used to have a dedicated 3S Lipo feeding the video Tx (It won't take 2S as far as I know) but removed that to save weight and that setup worked for me at close range, so I never noticed any issues.

Are you saying you have to use a dedicated battery and whatnot? The voltage fluctuations in the main power train is enough to throw off the 5.8ghz equipment? I've heard the thing about some cameras being noisy, mine's right up against the video Tx, here's a pic of the setup, ignore the antenna, I've got yours on it right now. Also, I'm using the Hobbyking 200mw 5.8ghz kit.

Here is my usable range at the moment... Also, it's worth noting that without ANY sort of quad, just holding the receiver and goggles in my hand I got 900m out of my own antennas before I had to turn back because lunchtime was over! So it's the quad for sure, something on it... Also, I wouldn't say this is an area full of interference, there are no towers or buildings nearby, it's just a huge empty area.

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