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Originally Posted by PeterVRC View Post
Keilor has a VERY wide runway.... maybe 20m+
Length should be fine, that looked to be something like 60m or more. (even 100m?)
Basically it looked fine for 90mm.... though being a hard surface it might be fun slowing them enough after landing to turn before running out of room. ??? Might be fine though.

I took a heap of pics, but should have checked them as I found out later that I had my phone/camera still set for Macro.... so all very blurry and half useless really. LOL

Pic1) End corner of runway looking diagonal back to the club area. The taxiway in the distance is pretty well the halfway point, so much the same length of runway goes out to the far left of this pic too.
Pic2) From taxiway (pilot area almost) out to the right end start of the runway
Pic3) End corner looking right up the runway. It uses a reddy/pink surface for the other ends half of the runway.
The whole area is virtually treeless so there isn't much to hit, LOL. Though that reduces the fun/scenery aspect a little bit too.
But all in all, a good place for big aircraft.... 90mm/120mm, turbines too I would think. Then the slowing it down, as it rolls onwards, fun part....
We have a few turbine pilots at our field, great guys, although they arn't there all the time, mostly they fly out of Northern.

90mm and 120mm EDF's are a breeze to land on the surface, the fiberglass actually has good traction and will slow well, and just in case there is a little grass buffer at each end

Originally Posted by Frenche View Post
That look like one sweet setup, I think it my be time to renew my VMAA membership. Also today I placed an order for a wemo midifan and a arc 3675-1, good for about 3kw and 4kg of thrust, should be fun for some low fly-bys followed by a long vertical climb out
The only downside of our field are the small set of power lines about 300m parallel to the runway at about 50m height, they are easy to spot but just gotta watch your downwind height

the other is we are only allowed to go to 300ft instead of 400ft due to how close we are to Melbourne international, its a "we'll ignore you if you follow this rule" agreement, so basically gliding is not really an option although powered gliders can still work well as long as they keep below the limit

There are usually a few guys during the afternoons most days, its a 7 day field, best day to come out would be any Sunday morning, most likely to see an official there then.

site is:

memberships are about the same as most fields, names Jack by the way, 6ft 4" English, you can't miss me, say hello if you see me
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