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Originally Posted by Koala2 View Post
Thanks, its dawning a bit but remains confusing as the manufacturers are not consistent in their model designations : e.g. the NE Solo Pro 328 has effectively a rotor diameter of = yes 328 mm, but the Solo Pro V, called the 260, has a rotor of only 190 mm and their "Kestrel 500" exist in two sizes but far less dan 500 mm of rotor ....
Mind made up, I'll use the rotordiameter in the future. Seems the most logic way to qualify them.
while that would be the most logical, unfortunately when you discus the specific heli, you have to pretty much use the name the manufacturer gives it to avoid confusion, and since there are no real standards, especially for the newer microhelis we are pretty much out of options if we want to be sure we are discussing same heli

maybe a weight class might be more appropriate?

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