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Originally Posted by flitelab View Post
Fanboys would. I just don't like when marketing drives the justification of features regardless of their usefulness or complaints about them. Make things more optional and not dictated to users because you feel they're are dumb one minute but expect them to be responsible for others the next. I've more than once sen Andy claim features existed due to legal concerns, then months later flip flop on that being a reason. The BS gets tiring.

That and ship a product with half decent QC so your don't need to promote how good the repair process is.

The DX8 is a good radio but far from perfect feature or QC wise, to pretend it is being a fanboy. Every product has good and bad points.
Well said. I agree with many of your points.

But in Andy's defense, I'm really surprised he releases as much information as he does. He really doesn't have to and I'm sure he walks the fine line everyday on what his bosses think is acceptable and not acceptable to release/post.

He, like the rest of us are trying to keep our jobs(well, I work for myself but I have to answer to customers) and he's also trying to be helpful.

And yes, I do dislike it when fanboys defend their purchase until the bitter end even though it's painfully obvious they are all wet..........just because it's their chosen marque. That type of logic doesn't do anyone any good especially consumers.
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