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Originally Posted by Victory Pete View Post
Good point! Can we get a clarification on this please Andy? How does the DX8 LiPo avoid the "Self Degredation" properties of LiPos?

Originally Posted by AndyKunz View Post
My solution to this is to just keep flying all year.

The other solution is, toward the end of the season, just keep an eye on how much you charge vs. use the radio and slowly work the voltage down toward the 30% charge level that is recommended for long-term storage.

The ratio for me is about 1.6:1 (200mA charge rate vs. 125mA discharge rate). If you are going to be flying infrequently over the winter, you can put in an hour or two of charge and fly for 1.5-3 hours (that's a lot of 15-minute flights), and your battery is still going to be near the safe long-term discharge without having to worry about being too low.

Can you elaborate on the question at the top please?

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