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Originally Posted by mescalinedream View Post
Afloyed, I felt that rudder imput was very slow with tomz settings. You should try mannys settings. If you move a stick with his settings then the heli moves and it moves fast! I think tom had the rudder expo like 120 to line. Try DR125 and expo -70 for the rudder. For some reason it seems everyone has this really slow tail in there settings. I wish i knew what all the settings mean in the expo menu on my devo 7. I dont understand why a -70 makes quicker movements then "line" What is Line?

Everyone want their piroutte to be blazing fast? Then use 125 dual rate -70expo under dual rates for rudder position 0. Superfast!
Yea the rudder is a little slow. A line = 0.

negative expo increases the rate of piros, positive expo slows them down. I do agree that the tail needs to be faster, the piros are too slow. Im going to put -30% expo on the rudder instead of +30%. This will speed it up quite a bit.

edit : Toms setting called for -2% expo. I put it on -30% expo and the rudder is slightly faster. Also decreased positive expo on the aileron and throttle ( i think ) to +20%.
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