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Hitec Lite 4, Optic 5, Optic 6 Sport, Eclipse 7 & 7 Pro - Tactic AnyLink Setup

Originally Posted by GeneR View Post
Hi, Got a new Hitec Eclipse 7 Pro transmitter yesterday.
I also have one of the Anylink modules.
Any idea if/how these can be conneted together? Thanks Gene
Eclipse 7 Pro, Optic 6 Sport, Optic 5 & Lite 4, i.e. current Hitec transmitters with a Stereo Jack
trainer socket, are not listed as compatible.
However, as those Tx do use the same JR connector cable with the various Simulator Interface
units, then same compatibility should apply to JR Cable supplied with the Anylink module.
(Not tested as none available locally at present).
. JR Tx does not provide power, so a separate power cable is connected via the charging jack.
Manual page 4.
Unfortunately that lead is not only to large for 7.2v Hitec Tx, it also has reverse polarity
to that of a Hitec Transmitter charge socket.

1. An adapter DIY 5 mm Inline socket wired 2.1 mm inner pin - Negative & Shield + Positive
to a 3.2 mm OD Plug with 1.3mm ID + Positive inner & Shield - Negative.
Unfortunately the diode behind the Hitec charge socket may also have to be jumped and most likely void warranty.

2. If the diode in the charging circuit does prove to be a hindrance, a separate 2S Lipo
battery velcroed to back of TX should work as well as:

3. TAMC0005 - Manual (124kb pdf). picture attached.
Note: The Anylink TACM0005 system uses a Mono plug, not a Stereo trainer plug, which is correct
as the Eclipse is being used in a manner similar to when used with a Simulator Interface Cable. From manual:
"WARNING! Do NOT turn the Tx power switch to the ON position at any time
while operating the model!
This will cause AnyLink to stop sending signals to the Tactic Rx, resulting
in a loss of control of the model.
The Tx power switch should ALWAYS remain in the OFF position when controlling a model with AnyLink."

TAMC0005 for Spektrum BX7/BX8 etc includes a 6.6v 200mAh LiFE battery in lieu of connecting
the separate power cable to Tx battery. (Charger appears to be another optional extra.).
as in post #6 by a user:
"For others following this thread, the Anylink works fine on the Eclipse 7 Pro by using the adapter cord which contains the battery.
As Alan suggests the diode in the charging circuit does prevent using the internal Eclipse battery for Anylink so you need the Anylink cable
which has the attached LiFe battery. Simply connect the stereo plug to the trainer socket on the Eclipse 7 Pro then plug the "servo" type plug
into the Anylink and you are ready to go.
I even made up a plastic plate which I attach to the handle of the eclipse so I dont have to install velcro on the radio. "

. TX-R_How it Works

Hitec Transmitters listed as compatible:
. Aurora 9 (Does Not Use the Trainer Socket), refer:
... Hitec Aurora 9 - Anylink Setup Instructions & Interface cable detailed.
. Hitec Eclipse 7, Flash 4SX, 5, 5SX, Focus 4&6, Laser 4&6, Optic 6 (PPM & Modular 2.4GHz), Prism 7 & 7X, and other Tx
with Hitec Trainer 6 pin DIN plug use the optional extra interface cable = TACM0003 .

Hitec Transmitters - Channel Mapping.
Anylink module, as supplied, is incorrect for Hitec Tx.
Refer manual page 5 & 6 and adjust channel mapping for use with Hitec systems.

07 Jan 2013:
Since original post, Hobbico tactic have amended their compatibility list and updated
AnyLink Manual to V2 which now include:
"Optic 5, Optic 6 Sport & Eclipse 7 (2.4GHz) with TACM0005** or TACM0008+"
Have not seen TACM0008+ anywhere before today, nor is it listed on their associated retail outlet Tower Hobbies.
Tower Anylink page shows only:
". Optic 5 & 6 Sport 2.4GHz, Eclipse 7 2.4GHz, optional cable TACM0005"

08 Jan 2013:
TACM0008 New item now listed.
TACM0008 is an amended TACM005 permitting owner to use own batteries.
"This is the Tactic AnyLink SLT 2.4GHz Round Adapter Cable for use with the
Spektrum DX4e, DX5e, DX7, DX8, DX10t and DX18
and the Hitec 2.4GHz Optima 5, 2.4GHz Optima 6 Sport, & 2.4GHz Eclipse 7 Pro
Transmitters by using an optional 2S LiPo or LiFe battery.
When using the AnyLink Power Adapter, do not turn the transmitter
power switch on at any time while operating the model. This will
cause the AnyLink to stop sending signals to the Tactic receiver."

Alan T.
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