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Originally Posted by Elisecat View Post
I did a maiden on Tuesday.

Flown with a DX6i and Anylink (after I somehow lost the cable for the Anylink like an idiot, but my LHS hooked me up...)

I used a Hyperion 2S with the UMX connector and an adapter for power.

I went thru an exhaustive (it felt that way anyway) effort to check the CG and it balanced almost exactly at 70mm with the Hyperion 240 all the way forward.

Hand launched it at about 1/2-3/4 throttle and it went straight up and straight into the ground.. Luckily, it was over some soft, thick grass. Essentially no damage except two small, hairline cracks in the foam leading from the batt compartment towards the nose. Didn't even really crumple the nose at all.

Thanks to everyone here, I brought along a dime and taped it in as far forward in the batt tray as I could. Tried again, and BOOM! It flew, essentially, perfectly.
I dialed in down trim on the elevator as I was worried about what is stated above but I was able to dial all of it out and all trims were centered at the end of the flight.

I only flew one batt as I did not want to worsen the cracks. I pumped 151mAh back into the cell after a 3 min flight. Could go a little longer on flight time but not much.

Landing was a bit rough too as it came in pretty hot. Need to bleed off quite a bit of speed to get a gentle landing.

I'm impressed for the most part. Still need to tweak it a bit. Adding the dime doesn't kill things but I was certainly disappointed that it went straight up and then into the ground when I THOUGHT I had it set up right per the instructions.

I can weigh my Hyp 240 if you want that info. It is the stock one you can buy with the covering stripped off to lower the weight.
Your experience sounds a lot like mine. I've found mine now flies alright with the Hyperion 240 full forward in the battery compartment. I've also velcroed it in and glued foam in the "penny slot" at the front of the battery compartment,to strengthen this part of the fuselage from further nosedives where battery would slam in to the front of the cockpit. I too had to dial a fair bit of down trim.
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