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the tilt has a max angle built into it inside the WKM brain so you are corrected


Originally Posted by vinnygogo View Post
Ok thanks rcman. The reason why i think the wookong wont output 120 or whatever, is because when i set the epa s on the tilt of the gimbal from 100 to 150% the travel of the tilt wont expand. Therefore, i think this also goes for the other channels. Correct me if i am wrong?!

So basicly, what you guys say is set the epas using one esc on the receiver, then connect them alle tothe wookong? Two questions:

1: whats the sequence. Firt esc calibration then stick calibration in wkm assistant, or firt wkm assistant calibration and then esc calibration?
2: the esc calibration only needs to be done with one esc then right?

Thanks in advance guys! Realy apriciate your help!
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