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I opened up the DEvo 7 and the mini 3.5 or tdr cable that is used for updating the radio has 4 wires on the inside of the radio. They lead to a plug on the main circuit board in the Devo7 and the plug reads PC GAME. I can play Phoenix simulator with the Devo 7 using smartpropo and pppjoy. For some reason the Devo 7 comes with a mini 3.5mm or tdr cord. One male with one black conductor strip on one side of the cord and same on the other. I cannot remember is I played the Phoenix simulator with that cord or with a different cord that I have that has the 2 conductor black stripes on the cord.
If the Devo 7 has 4 wires 1 black,3white for the 3.5mm input and a usb has 4 wires. Wouldnt that help figure out how to wire it up? PLus the official update dongle has 2 black conducters or stripes(i found that out from a wiki page). 2 black stripes =3 wires. The usb has Negative,data-, data+,positive in that order. The black wire on the devo is all the way to the right of the 4 cables. This is from a beginner to electronics perspective. I would rather make it myself and have made many electronic repairs/gizmos. I dont understand what you mean by serial interface. I picture a serial adapter when i read that.

I took a voltmeter and checked which pins goto what: Number 1 pin doesnt goto anything?(i just looked at the board and it seems the number 1 in the pic does not have any trace on the circuit board. So its not connected) Also if you read on that electrical board it says WK-2801-JACK2 If that helps? I am using a 2 conductor cord for the picture, it has 2 black stripes.
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