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I fly a rusty rev 8 frame with a Paris V4 board and a orange. No real trouble except i'm not a PID expert. Before i had the Paris v4 on it, i was flying one of Kanchana's custom integrated flight boards. It was crazy flakey, i couldn't tell if it was the Orange freaking out, or if it was possibly the controller board. I had no ideal how to tune PID at that time, so i changed out the flight board with the Paris V4, added a big UBEC from HK, and studied PID tuning.

The Paris exhibited some similar flight failures but no where near as bad as the previous board. It would randomly oscillate to the ground, like a motor lost timing, or the ACC would freak out. Once i studied PID and got the settings fine tuned i didn't have any more random flight failures. Strong winds will some times freak out the board and cause it to fall into a oscillation crash, so i don't fly on windy days.

All this said though, if you've seen that orange blinking, i would lean to a power problem... try a standalone BEC or a robust UBEC with switchable voltage and see if that helps the issue. If its oscillating, you'll see it... and thats a PID issue... if your just hovering around and it starts to wobble, then it starts to wobble bad and come down, your board is "over tuned" or rather the sensors are too sensitive. Take this with a grain of salt, i've only been flying multi-rotors for about 6 months, and it took me about 4 months to understand everything properly to wind up with a really stable bird that i can do AP and smooth video with.

While researching my Orange issues with the slick, i turned up a few forum pages on other groups where some are suggesting these oranges are much more sensitive to certain motor vibration frequencies. They say it acts like a signal fade and not a brown out or lock out. maybe try some thick foam double stick tape on the RX to help dampen some vibes? not sure about that though, i use some seriously thick velcro to secure my RX, i would think the thick velcro would have plenty of vibe dampening properties.

With my Orange troubles, nothing ever "reset" in the slick, surfaces would just return to 0 for about 1 to 1 1/2 seconds, then signal would return. Definitely not a reset, that seems to take a good 3 to 4 seconds with the orange and i don't bind surfaces to 0, so it would have kicked my servos out in weird directions if it was completely resetting.

I cant say for certain if it was fade from vibrations or voltage drop. I'll be testing the orange in my slick again this weekend to see.
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