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Originally Posted by Telrin View Post
I think it would be fair to assume that this radio is outselling the competition by some considerable margin so by sheer numbers alone we are going to see more problems of all kinds reported about the DX8 than other similar transmitters.

We have also moved from having huge numbers needing returns to HH for essential work to a sporadic few needing attention so I do thing it is fair to say that the big issues are in the past.

Balance of probability has got to be hugely in favor of getting a good one if you buy new right now.

I'd still advocate performing the tests that have been published for each of the big issues so far to ensure you are good to go, but I'm betting the vast majority are going to be just fine.

... and for those that aren't HH will fix the problems quickly and painlessly.

I'd love it if quality was better overall, but at the current price points we have to be pragmatic and understand that we do have the legendary HH support to stand behind the product when it is needed.
Agreed, my bigger concern is issues that were supposedly only in the very initial batch of radios and noted as fixed are still showing up, so clearly the fix applied is not 100%.

The user really needs to do a full end to end QC process on their own before using the radio just to make sure it does work as advertised, better that then lose an aircraft because a "feature" lead to a crash. We cannot assume anything out of the box unfortunately.

It has much the same feel as the Xbox 360 release, push a product to market with known problems and just deal with them after the fact and win the war by sheer volume. This seems to be the approach HH is taking and just making sure the customer support can handle the load.

Again great radio for the price, I've just lost some confidence in the quality at this point. Spending $400+ and having to send it in for repair is not a great customer experience.
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