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Thanks for the link.

Regarding your teaching technique--
Do you have any strategy or preparation to help new pilots with the dreaded Left-Right disorientation that occurs as the plane rounds a turn towards the pilot? Do you explain this phenomenon to students before flying, or just deal with it by pushing the stick on their first "circuit" around the field? I know the trick of facing your body into the direction of flight, and looking over your shoulder as the plane comes at you, but that would be clumsy as you're standing side by side.

It took me a lot longer than 1 hour to get my brain wired to automatically and intuitively "switch" my rudder and aileron movements as the plane changed orientation to be coming at me. It then took many more hours to ingrain the "cross stick" rudder and aileron movements that are required when you're inverted. It seems to be a neurological "muscle memory" thing that requires repetition to become natural. I'm just wondering how you prepare students to work on building this neurological reflex BEFORE they spiral their plane into the ground their first turn back towards themselves on their first solo flight.
R Zielinski is online now Find More Posts by R Zielinski
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