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Originally Posted by rimaarts View Post
but the best idea wich requires no recowering is ''FLY LOW' and you will have no problems with orientation!

ooh, and one more strange thing i noticed... altough my elevator is 45* (as much as fuse openings allow), i cant get that growling, fuse tearing KE spin, wich was trademark for me on all 3dhs planes... all i can do is make plane do like 50cm circles in a KE attitude...
From what I've heard, few planes can spin like 3dhs and EF planes... but I'm reserving judgement until I get mine in the air. I'm not at that build step yet, but I will definitely cut away balsa to allow more elevator deflection if the fuse seems to be restricting it.

CG may be a factor for you also. Are you at "neutral"?
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