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Originally Posted by KondorFPV View Post
I think you guys should consider the use of a RTH function.

It's not a full-blown autopilot. There are several on the market. All they do is bring the plane back to the launch site.

Since you guys often lose sight of it, it would be so easy to just flick a switch on the radio and back it comes.

We are not talking about an autopilot with programmed waypoints, but one that has only one in its memory and brings the plane back circling over the pilot's head.

You could even agree on a specific brand and model that costs around 100-150$
so you know everyone has the same with just that simple function.
Nice thought but I believe we agreed that there would be no electronics between the RX and servos; so that rules out RTH or RTL.

Nothing wrong with transmitting the data down to a laptop in the chase vehicle where you would could view the information.

- Bob -
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