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[QUOTE=Ron101;21234358]Hey guys,

another option I'm going to check on... I was told long ago that you can multiply the UF and use less larger caps. So in our case Castel is useing 330 UF caps....330uf x 2 = 660 uf. I found a 50v 680 uf the mohm is a little I need to check that this is ok. (or maybe one of our pros knows?)

Hey Ron,

Problem with most caps and they way the work is...

Let say I have blown caps on my motherboard in my PC...blown ones are 6v 2200uf....I can only increase the voltage, but not the uf. So I dont think you would want to just buy a larger uf cap. The CC cap sets are actually using all 4 to smooth out the ripple...each cap only does so much, so with is taking out the ripple more and more...

just my .02 cents

But you are can make theses cap sets yourself....but the CC are nicely packaged...( PUN intended )

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