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Firmware and Camera Configuration Setting


<MOV and AVI FW and GUI Update 10/09/2013>
Another user has posted a new FW update here that reportedly came from the developer. I cannot confirm this nor have I tested it. The linked post describes the change... use it at you own risk.

<MOV and AVI FW and GUI Update 03/01/2013>
Fixes a bug which prevented the loop recording function from looping when the memory card filled if Motion Detection was also set to trigger the video. The archive contains both MOV and AVI FW as well as the latest GUI program for setting the function toggles.<End Update>

Installing the firmware is a simple matter of copying the firmware file to the camera flash memory card root directory (first one that appears when card contents is viewed), then, with the camera disconnected from the PC, turn it on to upload the firmware. The yellow LED will blink rapidly for several seconds, then turn on solid when done (wait another 10 seconds or so just to be sure). The firmware file must then be removed from the card before it is useable in the camera. You can do that by plugging in the camera immediately after the FW update BEFORE turning it off, or in an external card reader, OR use this method:

1. Disconnect the camera from the computer
2. Remove the card from the camera
3. Turn on the camera
4. When the yellow LED starts to blink, insert the card into the camera.
5. When the LED stops blinking and turns solid yellow, plug the camera into the PC USB port
6. When the PC acknowledges the camera as a USB removable drive, open the card's directory and delete the firmware file.
7. You're DONE! The camera can now use the card again.
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