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Adding Capacitors - A good time to revisit the issue

Hey guys,

This is an old issue that has come up from time to time over the years. I thought with the recent recall scare and Castel now offering a cap pack. That it would be a good time to cover the issue again.

First off here is an old thread of mine that had great info about adding caps... The experts jumped in to save the day:

So if you read through the thread you can see that added caps, really lowers the voltage ripple and can save a ESC. As a precaution I will go back and add a few caps to my setups.
Castel offers a new cap pack... but I've done it myself, it's so easy and cost a few bucks. I won't pay $22 for a cap pack. But if your in a rush here is a link to the cap pack.

Or you can just buy 50 caps for $33 and have enough for many planes

here is the link (thanks to Tom B.):

You want the caps as close to the ESC as you can get them. Just clean off a small area of the main power leads insulation. Polarity is written on the side of the caps... you can add four like Castel or more if your leads are long. They say 4 for every 8 inches (seems like over kill) but I'm sure they are worried now.
So just rap the leads from the cap around the ESC main power leads on there correct polarity and solder in place... cover wire with tape or heat shrink.

another option I'm going to check on... I was told long ago that you can multiply the UF and use less larger caps. So in our case Castel is useing 330 UF caps....330uf x 2 = 660 uf. I found a 50v 680 uf the mohm is a little I need to check that this is ok. (or maybe one of our pros knows?)

here is the link to the larger cap:

You should be able to add two of these instead of four and have the same result as the Castel cap pack..... it would cost you $2 and 15 minutes worth of work.

I have to run, but will call Castel later to confirm we can use these.... I'm going to add caps to all my controllers.. I used to do it only on long lead setups. But it's cheap insurance and may save a plane.

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