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Originally Posted by ES201 View Post
Do you know what's the difference beetwen a switch and a potentiometer? I think that the receiver 5th ch is designed to work like a switch "on-off" that's it , same as the tx.
No the receiver's channels all operate the same. Gear down is just the servo commanded to move to one end of it's extreme. Gear up is the other. If you had a radio happened to have a variable control on that channel, you could move the gear with the pot. (Using gear as an example). Some gear servos don't have an in-between position of course. But anyway.

The difference between a switch an a potentiometer is that a switch has two positions, one infinite resistance and one zero resistance. Whereas a pot has resistance from some value (say 10k ohms) to zero resistance.

But pots and switches don't directly have anything to do with the signal transmitted to the airplane on computer radios. The signal transmitted to the airplane (we'll call it an analog signal for all intents and purposes) is generated by the radio's computer, based on the input from hard-wired switches or pots. Where the firmware expects a switch you cannot place a pot and vice versa.
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