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Hi, maybe 2 silly questions: Do you know what's the difference beetwen a switch and a potentiometer? I think that the receiver 5th ch is designed to work like a switch "on-off" that's it , same as the tx. Now can you tell me, please what do you need the change for?. A potentiometer is a electronic device with 3 terminals, 2 of them are at the ends of a fixed resistor that serves like a runway or a floor on wich travels or slides (back and forth, not in a circle or closed) a conductor conected to a third terminal its typical use audio volume control, r-l audio balance. Check that in rc: Proportional could be directly or inversly and that it only can be achieved with a potentiometer. In a easy way let's say you move the joystick 4 cliks forward, the rx sends a signal to the servo (which in turn it has a potentiometer like the jstick too!) and the servo turns an arm 4 clicks forward ans that's directly proportional. (my jr tx has some feature like reverse-normal, that is directly changed to inversly...). The analog change of resistence made by your jstick potentiometer) and encoded by your tx is quite different to the open-close analog ( you c an read analog like mechanical, not digital, not solid state nor transistors) of the 5th channel open-close function in a circuit. Hope this will be useful for you hopely not more confusing, let me know. Again my question: " what do you want to do changing a sw for a pot.? And do you know what, by the way? My tx has 5 ch, 4 proportional, 1 called gear the 5th: On-off./ my rx has 7 ch. 2 of them labeled aux 1, aux 2 and really i don't know, not even tried if they are: Analog-digital; proportional-open/close???? I wonder if there is a tx with more than 4 proportional ch and what their use is... Don't worry... Be happy ! I've some electric,electronic knowledge, but i' relativly new in rc airplanes hobby...
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