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Originally Posted by GetToDaChopper View Post
when it comes to 720 firmware updates you can't pay any attention to rumored release dates or you'll be dissapointed every time.......
That is true for almost every electronic or computer based device I own.

Art told me via e-mail that the firmware update is ready for release. There is some more work to do on the PC software, and according to his notes on HFreak, there have been some problems with the delivery of the new 540 product. I would imagine the 540 would take prirority.

S/L rolls or flips the heli at the rates you have programmed. If you set the roll rate at 240, S/L at 100 percent levels the heli at 240. This means if you are not a stick banger, and you have the rates reduced to help with control, the S/L functions somewhat slowly.

After some discussion with Art, he suggested we try 200 percent. I tested it last weekend and it works great. The heli just pops back upright. This is helpful to me because when I need to bail out, I need an immediate response from the heli so that I can apply collective and get some altitude.

HFreak has lots of discussions about the quadcopter mode. i don't have a quad, and have not tried it. HFreak also showed that the new 540 will support quads, and that is interesting.

Those are the first pictures I've seen of the long discussed GPS unit. I don't have one, but I sure would like to try one.

Unless there are more problems with the 540 deliveries, I would expect the firmware upgrade to be posted in the next few weeks.


Jimmy - let me know what days. I 'm teaching nights, so I'm not available all week. It would be great to catch up. Been much too long.
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